Activity Tracking

Old-school devices still work just fine, but many people use wearable tracking devices or free apps (applications) to monitor daily activity levels, increase fitness, prepare for a race or accomplish other goals. This technology can also be effective for achieving weight loss goals, by monitoring intake of calories and nutrients.

The Internet and social media abound with countless trackers. Test and find one that works best for you and does what you want to do. If you have modest workout or calorie-counting goals, you don’t need the fanciest tracker. If you have a sophisticated wellness regimen, look for a tracker with more features.

Tips for choosing:

  • Careful, some apps gain access to your files, photos, contacts and more. If you don’t want that, look elsewhere.
  • Does the device sync with your phone or computer?
  • Is it waterproof?
  • Does it monitor your heart rate?
  • Does it have its own display or do you need to read it via phone or computer?
  • Is the display size large enough?
  • Do the activity settings match the sports or strength activities you do?
  • How long does the battery last?

Popular brands of wearable devices:



Jawbone Up and Up 24

BodyMedia Core

Nike Flex Band

Garmin Fit and Vivosmart

Popular tracking apps: 


My Fitness Pal


Run Keeper

My Tracks

Sports Rate