Stay Hydrated

In Florida, we’re lucky enough to live where the sun shines year-round. But the temperature can climb so high that dehydration is a risk. Unfortunately, many people do not drink enough water. The average man needs 13 cups of water or fluids a day, the average woman 9 cups.  Dehydration can cause swollen feet, fatigue and headache, and larger issues such as muscle weakness, organ malfunction, heart complications, heat stroke or even death.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that for every pound of sweat lost through physical activity or being outdoors, drink a pint of water to replenish the body.  Some experts recommend sports drinks in order to replace electrolytes, but these may contain too much sugar. Plain water meets our hydration needs. Adults with chronic heart conditions should make extra efforts to drink enough water. Consult your doctor.


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