Diabetes and Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a huge national problem. An estimated 30.3 million Americans have the condition, with 7.2 million of them unaware they have it. Diabetes means you have too much sugar (glucose) in your blood.  Normally, your pancreas makes the hormone insulin to move the sugar from your blood into your cells as fuel. When the process does not work right, people may need insulin injections to live.

Diabetes can have devastating health impacts: blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke and loss of toes, feet or legs. Luckily the most prevalent kind, Type 2, can be prevented, delayed or even reversed through lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, physical activity, blood monitoring, medications and stress management.  Regular doctor visits and following your doctor’s plan are crucial.


American Diabetes Association: Sign up for a free living with Type 2 diabetes program or a free living with Type 1 diabetes toolkit.


Children With Diabetes

National Institutes of Health

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